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Ultra violet sources have many diverse applications including fluorescence, sterilisation, photolithrography and the curing of inks and adhesives. Macam offer two ultra violet systems, ideal for the rapid curing of adhesives in a variety of manufacturing processes.

Flexicure, is a spot curing source with intense ultra violet radiation delivered to the work area through a light guide.

Flexicure UV Source

Twin Light Guide Version

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Flexicure - Spot Curing Sources

Flexicure is a high intensity ultra-violet light source used in the rapid curing of UV adhesives. Light from a 400 watt metal halide discharge lamp rich in UVA and UVB is coupled to one, two or three flexible liquid light guides. High efficiency guides transport light to the adhesive where it can be cured in seconds. In addition the light guides will remove much of the infra-red light ensuring a cool cure of the adhesive and parts. The correct exposure time for curing the adhesive is controlled using an electronic timer and a shutter in the lamp optics. A variety of light guide sizes and lengths is available to ensure that ultra-violet light is delivered precisely to the bonding area. Remote operation is via a footswitch or PLC controller using the optional adaptor card. The range of accessories includes visible blocking filters fitted to the light guides, allowing penetrant dye crack detection and high power ultra-violet fluorescence.

Flexicure Brochure in Acrobat pdf format