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The SR9000 range of computer controlled spectroradiometers is designed for the measurement of spectral irradiance and radiance in the ultra-violet, visible and near infra-red spectra. Using flexible fibre light guides and a range of optical accessories many optical measurements are made possible including chromaticity coordinates, total or diffuse reflectance and transmittance. Models include single or double grating monochromators with cooled PMT or photodiode detectors. Specialised software provides user friendly control of the instrument with data storage, mathematical analysis and graphing.

SR9910 Spectroradiometer
SR9910-V7 Spectroradiometer

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SR9910-v7 Double Monochromator Spectroradiometer

Macam's first double monochromator spectroradiometer was produced in 1990 to meet the growing requirement to measure ultra violet radiation and in particular the UVB content of sunlight and artificial sources.

Since then the SR9910 spectroradiometer has be enhanced to it's latest version, V7 where it now boasts a small light weight package, a TEC cooled PMT detector, fast scanning and parallel monitoring with an external detector. The latter now enables the measurement data to be compensated during a scan to reduce the effect of constantly changing sources.

SR9910 Brochure in Acrobat pdf format

SR9910 Handbook in Acrobat pdf format

SR9910 Demonstration software (439Kb)

SR9000 Spectroradiometer
SR9000 Spectroradiometer

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SR9000 Spectroradiometers

The SR9000 series includes the SR9910 and also a range of single monochromator spectroradiometers with PMT or silicon detectors.

This allows for measurements where stray light is less significant to be carried out using a lower cost system. Applications include measurements on LEDs, fluorescent sources and visible and near infra red spectral irradiance.

SR9000 Brochure in Acrobat pdf format

SR9000 Accessories
SR9000 Accessories

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Accessories for the Macam Spectroradiometers

  • Calibration Sources
  • Environmental Enclosures with Battery
  • Long Length Light Guides
  • Underwater Cosine Input Accessory
  • Underwater 4pi Input Accessory
  • Reflectance/Transmittance Integrating Spheres
  • Underwater Motorised Upwelling Downwelling Input Accessory
  • Radiance Telescopes