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MCG910 Series Monochromators
MCG990 Double Monochromator
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Monochromators using high efficiency diffraction gratings are found in many applications including the spectrophotometer and spectroradiometer. Macam has designed and manufactured a range of concave grating monochromators to meet the demands of high precision spectral radiometry. Our monochromators are available in two focal lengths, 100mm and 200mm, each with a range of concave holographic diffraction gratings covering the ultra-violet, visible and near infra-red spectra. Special models have interchangeable gratings for extended spectral range.

The MCG990 double monochromator model ensures low stray light levels for particular use in ultra-violet spectroradiometry.

All monochromators have multi-position entrance and exit slits for a choice of output bandwidths. Grating motor control and drive electronics with PC software allow automation for routine spectral measurements.

MCG 910 Monochromator
MCG910 Monochromator

MCG 910 Monochromator + Xenon Lamp
MCG910 with Xenon Arc Lamp

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MCG910 Series Monochromators

This series of 100mm focal length monochromators are available with 1200, 900 or 600 grooves /mm holographic diffraction gratings for the ultra violet, visible and near infrared spectrum.

Eight position entrance and exit slit disks control the monochromator bandwidth.

All the monochromators have optional stepper motor wavelength drives, detectors, light sources, light guides, order sorting filters, integrating spheres and sample holders.

Model: Spectral Range: Dispersion:
MCG910 200 - 800nm 8nm/mm
MCG911 300 - 1200nm 12nm/mm
MCG912 400 - 1600nm 16nm/mm

MCG 990 Double Monochromator
MCG990 Double Monochromator

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MCG990 Double Monochromator

The dramatic improvement in the stray light levels of a double monochromators compared to a single monochromator make it an essential tool in demanding spectral measurements.

The MCG990 is a compact 100mm focal length monochromator with two concave holographic gratings covering the spectral range 200 - 800nm.

The monochromator can be supplied with a stepper motor and drive for PC or remote control, internal filter wheel and drive for shuttering and order sorting.

A range of accessories is available including cooled photo multiplier detectors, silicon detectors, light guides, arc lamp sources and integrating sphere